Часто задаваемые вопросы( english only)

Jagged Alliance 2 FAQ

Cyklonit + TNT = strengthened TNT

Compound 18 + armament (helmet, trousers, Body) = armament strengthened

Adhesive + steel-pipe + tape = run extension

Lameboy + kupferdraht = display
Fumblepak + x-ray tube + chewing rubber = x-ray unit
X-ray unit + display = Roentgen detector

Steel-pipe + feather/spring = pins

Thread + box = at door, more attachable " alarm "

Aluminum bar + feather/spring = frequency increase of the weapon

C1 + Cyklonit = C4

Alienglibber (queen) + armament = armament strengthened (better than Comp.18)

Platinum clock + tape + TNT = TNT with time fuse

Keramikplatten + armament = armament strengthened

T-Shirt + meters = stoffstreifen
(in V1.00 not possible -- bug)

Stoffstreifen + alcohol + gasoline = Molotow cocktail

F: Where do I find the jeep?
A: The jeep is 1 sector, west of Balime, at a gas station.

F: Where does the pilot " Skyrider " live?
A: One cannot indicate an exact position. If positions liked, are :
1. In the sumpfgebiet, east of Drassen.
2. Southwest from Drassen.

F: Where or which liegt/ist Tixa?
A: Tixa is a prison complex and is situated in the southeast of Cambria. That
Entry on the map, experiences it, it Estoni.

F: Is there a weapon dealer? and if yes, where?
A: In the Hinterraum, of the Pornoladen in San Mona.

F: The dealer, leaves me not pure, what now?
A: The owner feels rather, disturbed by the " lesbian " in the loading. Thus
must become loose you, it.

F: And how?
A: Approximately 2 houses further, one should in a crate civilians, Video tape
recording find which one the " lesbian " gives.

F: Where are the rocket bases?
A: First in the east of south Drassen.(D15)
2. In the south of the Cambria Mine.(I8)
3. South of Chitzena.(D2)
4. In Meduna.(N4)

F: Where do I find the ice cars?
A: On the road after Chitzena, one meets an old well-known from Metavira, that
the ice car leaves.

F: What brings it to me, if I save Maria?
A: As thanks one receives a possession document the Bikershops -- of Maria
self-service rudder. Those leaves sell themselves again, appropriately.

F: Whom to turn is I the possession document?
A: Attempt times in the Taetowierladen.. (San Mona)

F: Where do I find the boy, Joey?
A: In the abandoned mine of San Mona, one should become fuendig.

F: I heard, the Kingpin somewhere to be Saved loads hoppers -- where?
A: Likewise in the abandoned mine of San Mona.

F: 2 opponents are before me. My AP?s is enough but only for a fire burst, or
a target shot. One can with one Fire burst, several enemies meet?
A: Yes, that functions. Hold the left Mouse button pressed and shifts the
cursor, of the first on the second etc. - opponent.

F: To which the code is, on the Klo?s of Franc?s bar?
A: Thus one can, further south in the sector in the large oblong house, that
Secretary open.

F: Where is the research lab, Orta?
A: It is in the sector K4. One receives the necessary information in Alma.
(ask general)

F: In Cambria s?gives problems, with Farmboys. Where do those live?
A: In the sector F10.

F: I have Carmen -- the heading cash hunter in one of the cities met. Hide
where itself the looked up criminals?
A: Only one the criminal, possesses one fixed point of view (Charlie [ # 6 ] in
Grumm) The remaining are set by coincidence.

F: I a criminal completed. As proves I -- the Carmen?
A: In which one chops off the corpse the heading.
(by a bug in V1.00, not possible)

F: What do I make in Drassen, with Doreen?
A: Either can you it persuade, (high guidance qualities necessarily) shoot or.

F: I had to shoot it. Now is those Loyalty quite down -- why?
A: **time-out** you must only with it talk.
(identifiable by the logfile entry)
Then shoot: -)

F: How do I klaue the cup in Balime?
A: The guard in the small waits to Gallery disappeared. Now can do you in the
Hinterraum the switch operate and you the cup snatch.
Or you wait to 22:00 o'clock then are naehmlich laminating for the guard.

F: And which I am now with the cup?
A: Kingpin sell (20 000$), or give the population in Chitzena. (higher loyalty)

F: How does the Metaldetektor function?
A: By a bug in V1.00, not.

F: I the play to the end already played, but no track of Mike. Where finds
one Mike in the play?
A: That is a good question! Mike does not have an appearance in V1.00.
Why? A BUG !
[ the play actually does not need a SciFic mode. In the real mode are already
contained of enough bug.: -)

F: If I fight in the Alma sector a time long, explodes somewhat in the building
complex. What explodes there?
A: *** TRANSLATION ENDS HERE ***Ein Raketengewehr (nachladbar !) wird zerstort.
Es lohnt sich also, leise den Sektor zu saubern.

F: Was befindet sich im Keller von Orta ?
A: Eine Menge Elite-Soldaten, ( manchmal auch Mike ! ) und ein Lager voller
Raketengewehren !

F: Ich hab dem Gegner ein Raketengewehr abgenommen, aber wenn ich schiessen
will, ertont eine Computer-Stimme. Hah ?
A: In so einem Fall mu?t ihr das Raketengewehr, bei Fredo in Grumm
umprogrammieren lassen.